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Los Angeles Septic Certification

         A septic certification is a document stating that an inspection has been performed on a septic system and is deemed to be functioning properly with all system components up to code. An inspected system will either pass or fail, depending on the condition of the system itself and whether or not said system meets the required list of guidelines necessary for a proper certification approval.

         Click here for an example of a typical inspection/certification letter.

What are the typical passing requirements?

  • Tank is in good working condition and:
  • Has primary and secondary compartment
  • Baffle wall is intact
  • Tank has adequate riser access
  • Present inlet and outlet tee's
  • Both sides of tank are inspected
  • No leaking and no cracks in the tank body
  • Connected to a drain field (either leech lines or cesspool/seepage pit)
  • Drain fields are less than 60% full
  • Line to pit is free of debris
  • Multiple lines have a distribution box
  • Handles 30 minutes of flowing water without backing up/overflowing back into septic tank

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